Fitness at Market

This year, we’re tying something new. We’ve invited local fitness instructors to offer 1-hour fitness classes at Market. They set their own prices and collect their own cash. This is a way for YOU to be able to get your workout in & grab all your produce in one stop, and a way for our instructors to raise awareness of what, where, and when they do what they do!

Here’s what you need to know: On days it’s raining, fitness is cancelled.

Here’s what you need to bring/wear/do: Comfortable workout clothes, sneakers, and a Yoga Mat if it’s a yoga day. Instructors will do standing work as we do not have a good amount of grassy space. Some instructors will structure their days with mini-sessions and stay longer. Others will do a one-hour session. Show up and be surprised!

Here’s the schedule:

June 23:  POUND   with Josie

June 30: Yoga with Clear Sphere

July 7: Yoga with Ashley Tobin

July 14: POUND with Josie

July 21: Yoga with Clear Sphere

July 28: POUND with Josie

Aug 4: Yoga with Clear Sphere

Aug 11: POUND with Josie

Aug 18: Yoga with Clear Sphere

Aug 25:  Zumba with Viv

If you’re interested in offering fitness classes at market, please email